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Submission + - Try real-time GPU-based stereoscopic raytracing at home (

descubes writes: "GPUs are powerful enough to do real-time ray-tracing nowadays, at least for simple scenes. Getting a 3D TV is really easy these days. So why not combine the two? In this demo, Taodyne demonstrates a simple real-time ray-traced scene, how you can interact with it, and how you can use it to render real 3D on stereoscopic displays. With sufficient GPU power, this technique even works on glasses-free 3D displays. And of course, you can use a number of other GPU tricks, like shaders from ShaderToy to add a little life to your slide elements. This is all based on freely downloadable software and widely available hardware, so you can try this at home now."
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Try real-time GPU-based stereoscopic raytracing at home

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