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Taco Cowboy writes: There was an invasion by armed terrorists from the Philippines into Sabah, a province of Malaysia

And the Malaysian government had been giving out false report of the invasion

According to a news portal from the Philippines, at least 300 armed terrorists landed onto Sabah

But according to the Malaysia authority, only 100 had landed, and only 30 of them were armed

According to the Malaysian authority, the invasion only took place in an area known as "Lahad Datu"

Then 5 Malaysian policemen were shot dead in another area, known as Semporna, in Sabah

Now that the whole lie has blown up in the face of the Malaysian government, it in turns, wants to censor news portals and blogs, which are located in Malayia

According to the Malaysian government, "irresponsible comments" must not be made, and urges the people "to rely on official sources on the latest development of the situation to ensure that they get accurate reports "

In this age of Internet, there are still countries, such as Malaysia, prefering to go back to the stone age by censorship, instead of telling the truth, as it is

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Malaysia censoring portals

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