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Submission + - FCC To Investigate Cell Phone Unlocking Ban ( 1

Edgewood_Dirk writes: In response to the White House petition, the FCC will be investigating the viability and possible harm of the ban on cell-phone unlocking. Gregory Ferenstein met with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski at a TechCrunch CrunchGov event Wednesday, where the Chairman said "...ban raises competition concerns; it raises innovation concerns..."
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FCC To Investigate Cell Phone Unlocking Ban

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  • The lock in and lack of standards is a pain in the behind.

    I am lucky -- in this house counting work provider phones I now have three providers and I can tell you the service levels differ by four bars. This is in Silicon Valley no less.

    The mathematically inclined can do the math to work out the magnitude of this in powers of ten. But me...

    Me I now know which provider I will switch to when my lock in is over.

    I am deciding how serious I am about filing truth in advertising complaints with the gvment.

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