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Submission + - How can a non-profit secure its email / internal communications with open tools? 1

ravrore writes: A close friend of mine works at a liberal non-profit that has become high profile recently and is concerned about the security of their emails, instant messages, and internal documents. What are the easiest / most effective open tools — encryption apps, email management processes, etc — that they can use to keep their communications secure from individual intruders and governments? Is gmail the safest place to keep their email? Can they encrypt on top of that?
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How can a non-profit secure its email / internal communications with open tools?

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  • There is nothing easy here.

    Sender both to and from can be hacked as well as those that receive messages inside and outside the organizations. A man in the middle or service generates another point of interest. i.e. The service provider can be compelled to disclose content when the people sending and receiving mail may not be.

    Legal action can find servers, disks, backup media, etc leaving the building as a result of a long list of civil or criminal actions. This disruption is a large risk as it can eff

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