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Submission + - Vacuum, Mirrors, and the Creation of Light (

gpronger writes: "So, when can you get something from nothing. How about something from a vacuum. Heisenburg's theory of uncertainty tell us, at the subatomic level we can never know precisely a particles position and momentum precisely. We've also been told that Nature Abhors a Vacuum, so spinning out of the Heisenburg theory, is that in a vacuum, there are meta-particle pairs winking in and out of existence. Quoting from the article;

"The researchers conducted a mirror experiment to show that by changing the position of the mirror in a vacuum, virtual particles can be transformed into real photons that can be experimentally observed. In a vacuum, there is energy and noise, the existence of which follows the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics.

"If we act fast enough, we can prevent the particles from recombining—they will then be transformed into real particles that can be detected," says Dr. Sorin Paraoanu from the Aalto University School of Science."

In other words, they did it with mirrors, and I always thought that was just the providence of stage magicians."

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Vacuum, Mirrors, and the Creation of Light

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