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Submission + - How is everyone doing after the GoDaddy exodus? 1

BenFenner writes: It has been a little over a year since GoDaddy came out in support of SOPA and there was a (mass?) exodus of site registrations to alternative domain name hosts. I've gone through the old articles and found the recommended hosts, and was wondering how everyone is faring these days with their chosen domain name registrars and/or data hosts?

Here is the list of alternative recommendations I compiled from perusing the earlier article comments:
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How is everyone doing after the GoDaddy exodus?

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  • My personal site has always had its domain registered at Gandi, and after the SOPA debacle, I resolved to move the web hosting to a different provider as soon as renewal was up. I chose WebFaction. But my boss at work is still a big fan of Go Daddy for both domains and the dedicated server.

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