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Submission + - SPAM: How to prolong the lifespan of filter for Domino printers

HUAX writes: "Domino printer is convenient to use. To avoid faults, timely and proper daily maintenance is necessary. Professional shall be arranged to handle the maintenance stuff and make sure the machine not to be moved in the progress of production.

1. Examine the level of ink and solvent everyday.
To examine the level of ink and solvent, open the door of ink system. Refill it according to the procedures when it is too low. Pay attention that it will precipitate with an over laden level. It is a waste of Domino ink and also not good for the printing quality.

2. Replace the filter regularly according to the manual.
To replace the filter regularly according to the manual is also an important part of the maintenance. Ink precipitate is easy to cause unstable operation of Domino printer. What’s more, the force pump will speed up because of filter clogging, which would do harm to the life of the pump. Regular replacement of the filter shall prolong the life of the pressure pump.
3. Clean the filter net and fan every week.
The air filter net can protect the electronic system from the dust. Regular cleaning to the filter net and the fan is important to keep the system in ventilation and normal temperature.

4. Examine the viscosity of the ink.
Ink viscosity is vital to the stable operation of Domino printers. High viscosity increases the load of the vacuum pump easily and may destroy the motor coil. Low viscosity makes the pressure pump revolute in a high speed, which shall shorten the life of the pump after a period of time.

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How to prolong the lifespan of filter for Domino printers

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