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Submission + - Negative Keywords/Anti-words? 1

rtobyr writes: "I've been videoing some of the most memorable moments of my daughter's 10th birthday pizza/ (and first ever) slumber party. With the consent of all parents involved, I intend to edit clips into an iMovie "trailer" of a "documentary" about the effects of sugar (cake & ice cream) on 4th grade girls, and post it on YouTube. My problem is that I wouldn't be surprised if some troll labels my video as being the work of pedobear. My question is this: Is there a mechanism by which certain search criteria will cause my video to NOT appear in the results? Imagine a keyword, "-pedo" which causes any searcher whose search criteria includes "pedo" to NOT see my video in his or her search results?"
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Negative Keywords/Anti-words?

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  • by rtobyr ( 846578 )
    I just realized that I should have tried to patent the idea of anti-keywords before posting the idea on Slashdot ;-)

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