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Submission + - Patent Application Offers Insider Look at Google News Ranking Algorithm (

Lucas123 writes: I appears size does matter to Google News, according to a patent application filed by them last year. The patent is providing some details around the metrics the company considers when ranking news stories and deciding how prominently to display them on its Google News page. The patent, discovered by Computerworld during a routine search, was filed in February 2012 and published last July. Among metrics it cited in publishing articles on Google News was the entity's circulation statistics and the size of the staff associated with a particular news operation. The patent also cited metrics such as the number of articles produced by a news organization during a given time period; the average length of an article from a news source; and the importance of coverage from the news source. Additionally, the patent cited a "breaking news" score, usage patterns, and "human opinion." Also factored in are the number of news bureaus a news source has, the number of original named entities used in stories, breadth of coverage, international diversity and even writing style.
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Patent Application Offers Insider Look at Google News Ranking Algorithm

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