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Submission + - Canadian Music Lobby Launches Campaign Against Anti-Spam & Spyware Law ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The business opposition to Canada's anti-spam and spyware legislation has added an unlikely supporter: the Canadian Recording Industry Association, now known as Music Canada. The organization has launched an advocacy campaign against the law, claiming that it "will particularly hurt indie labels, start-ups, and bands struggling to build a base and a career." Yet Music Canada's specific examples mislead its members about the impact of the legislation. It wrongly claims that bands and labels won't be able to contact venues or stay in contact with fans. To top it off, the industry that introduced lawsuits against individuals for file sharing (CRIA members first commenced such actions in 2004) and brought us the Sony Rootkit debacle is now concerned with lawsuits against its own members for failing to abide by an anti-spam and spyware law.
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Canadian Music Lobby Launches Campaign Against Anti-Spam & Spyware Law

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  • The AC got it backwards. It's not at all improbable that the **IAA clowns favour spam and spyware. In fact it seems to be central to their business model.

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