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An anonymous reader writes: Preparing for Boudoir Photography...

Boudoir Photography is a rewarding experience. Knowing that you will cherish these images for years to come, invest the time to do it well.

Prior to your Boudoir Photography Session, put on some body lotion. Arrive to the session wearing clothing that fits loosely or a robe to insure the least amounts of marks on your body. These marks take time to go away and may waste limited time for the boudoir photo session.

What to wear?
Whatever makes you feel beautiful. I suggest bringing garments in white and black, as they look best for finished black and white photos. You can also bring any other lingerie that you would like to wear.

When selecting clothing, avoids patterns as they generally distract from the image impact. The exception can be of classic animal prints such as zebra or leopard skin. Make sure that your lingerie and swim wear outfits are fitted in such a way to bring out the best in your body shape.

I also recommend that you bring any jewelry or props that will accentuate your character and style.It isn’t really necessary to spend lots of money on tons of lingerie before your photo shoot (although it is fun). Remeber, simplicity is nice. Inexpensive Booty Shorts make all bums look great!

High heels are must bring accessory! Basic black pumps are perfect, but so are thigh high boots. If you have amazing, designer shoes that are impossible to walk in, this is the time to wear them.

False eye lashes can dramatically enhance your eyes and overall look. Don't worry about looking over the top. The Camera seems to mute dramatic cosmetics or accessories. A boudoir shoot is a great time to experiment with new looks.

How do I pose for boudoir photos?
Don't worry, I will help you. I will show you some poses. We also use a screen monitor to help you adjust your technique.

Where will the shoot be held?
Ordinarily I come to you or I can arrange a studio session (at additional charge).

How long will a session take?
The set-up takes about 30 minutes. Depending your package, the photography session will last on average three or more hours.

A bare face can look shiny under camera light strobes, so some makeup is recommended. A light dusting of powder to finish your makeup looks best. Don't worry about a blemish, stray hair or razor burn, Photoshop retouching can take care of that! Please refer to my Gold Boudoir Photography package for this offer.

Your Feet
More than likely, the boudoir photography session will capture the bottom of your feet- so be sure to prep them for photography! I highly recommend a pedicure before the shoot. I also find the result is better when my Clients paint their toes and fingernails.

How long until I receive the disc of my Boudoir Photos?
About a week.

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Preparing for Boudoir Photography...

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