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Submission + - The Evolution of Web Development for Mobile Devices (acm.org)

CowboyRobot writes: "Nicholas Zakas (author of "Maintainable JavaScript" O'Reilly, 2012 among others) has an article at the ACM describing how Web development for mobile devices has improved over the years and also why it still kind of stinks. He focuses on the latency between request and response that is built in to the model of the mobile Web as well as on how to improve performance by reducing http requests and redirects. He also gets into detail about how JavaScript is so slow on mobile. "Another aspect of JavaScript on mobile devices is the associated performance cost. Unlike desktop computers, mobile devices have batteries that can get drained by radios (cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), network access, and executing code such as JavaScript. Any time code is executed, the CPU uses power; therefore, more time spent executing code means more power used. Running JavaScript drains batteries more quickly.""
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The Evolution of Web Development for Mobile Devices

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