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Submission + - Budget "Sequestration" Could Devastate Research Institutions (

TheAmberAmazon writes: I knew the sequester was bad — $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts over a period of ten years is significant — but I didn't know just how it would affect biomedical research. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) stand to suffer one of the largest budgetary blows, with an estimated $2.39 billion in spending cuts on the table. According to [Research!America](, “that amount of money is equal to nearly half of the entire budget of the National Cancer Institute, which itself is the largest of the NIH’s 27 institutes and centers.” In addition, the $538 million in spending cuts for the National Science Foundation (NSF) is equivalent to “nearly 75 percent of NSF’s entire budget for all biological sciences research in 2011.” If the sequester goes into effect, will Obama's ambitious [Brain Activity Map]( project and $70 million research venture to explore robotic manufacturing survive?
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Budget "Sequestration" Could Devastate Research Institutions

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