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Submission + - Hack allows x86 Windows applications to run on Surface RT (tech-stew.com)

techfun89 writes: "Surface RT is highly restricted to only one single x86 legacy program and that is the Office software that comes on the tablet. All other x86 legacy applications can't run on the device, until now. Thanks to mamaich on the XDA developer forum, the ARM tablet can run classic windows games in fact along with several windows applications.

This emulation is done using a tool that emulates an x86 environment on the ARM system and allows RT to execute API calls without a major use of system resources. According to the developer, he is planning on releasing a standalone tool so that its automatically emulated each time Surface RT boots or each time the app is executed. It works with a handful of applications as of right now, but future releases should support a wider variety. In the video demonstration he is running Heroes of Might and Magic III. The steps involved with this hack are pretty simple and outlined on the XDA website in greater detail."

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Hack allows x86 Windows applications to run on Surface RT

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