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Submission + - No In-State Masters Students anymore at Cal-State? ( 1

Tangential writes: Looks like Money Rules everywhere. From the Bloomberg article "How Foreign Students Hurt U.S. Innovation", "International students are attractive to strapped colleges because they tend to pay full tuition or, in the case of public institutions, pay more than full price in out-of-state rates.
Last year, this was taken to a new level at California State University, East Bay, a public institution just south of Oakland. The school directed its master’s degree programs to admit only non-California students, including foreign students." Or is this a comment on Californias secondary education system?

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No In-State Masters Students anymore at Cal-State?

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  • Education has gotten vastly more expensive because of the tremendous growth in staff, ie bureaucrats, entirely in response to government requirements. You can find several studies showing how faculty has pretty much kept up with student increases, but staff now exceed faculties,w hereas they used to be something like 10% of college employees.

    Couple that with rah-rah cheerleading for everyone going to college, regardless of what they study or whether it actually helps them get useful jobs, and student loans

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