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Submission + - Child predators slip through the cracks in YouTube's reporting system (

An anonymous reader writes: Law enforcement officials are on the trail of a man who approached underage girls on YouTube and convinced them to video chat with him by pretending to represent a modeling agency. When the girls and their parents tried to report the predator to YouTube, they ran into issues with the site's system for reporting abuse.

The way the system is set up, YouTube's current Safety and Abuse reporting process requires that a reporter provide an example of abuse in a public comment or posted video. Third-party testimonials won't work. If you try to draft a narrative within the notes, the reporting system won't let you. Users cannot submit a report without citing an example from one of the aforementioned categories.

With no way for his victims to file a report on YouTube, the man has created multiple accounts and continued to run his scam on young girls.

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Child predators slip through the cracks in YouTube's reporting system

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