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Submission + - How My PS3 Saved My Laptop

robertzaccour writes: As an OS enthusiast I enjoy trying out different distros and testing them out. It just so happened that I installed an Ubuntu Alpha release that eventually had an update that caused a crash it wasn't able to recover from. The one rewritable disc I had at the time had a Linux Mint ISO burned on so I tried to rescue my system with that. The Linux Mint Live CD didn't go very smoothly in that It would slow to a crawl and frequently crash and require restarting and booting again. When I got to the Installation procedure it would error out every time, so I tried to download an Ubuntu ISO during the Live session and mounting it to a USB flash drive. Then came yet another problem; I didn't have enough available ram to finish the download. It then occured to me that my PS3 currently had Ubuntu Linux installed the whole time. I booted into Ubuntu on the PS3, plugged my external DVD drive into the PS3, downloaded, and burned the current stable version of an Ubuntu ISO to the DVD. I then booted it up on my laptop and that's how my PS3 installed Ubuntu Linux saved the day.
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How My PS3 Saved My Laptop

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