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Submission + - SPAM: Can Letting Clients "Have it Their Way" Be Your Worst Mistake?

PowerofPartnership writes: "It’s one of the oldest maxims in the book: “The customer is always right”. It may be true in the world of retail business, but in consulting it can be the kiss of death.

Every client wants what they want–and that’s their right. But a “Powerful Partner” knows how to set boundaries to stop “scope creep” in its tracks.
Scope creep is the phenomenon of projects growing beyond what an original agreement states, and in the process a once tightly bounded engagement can begin to suck up time, money and resources.

Worst of all, consultants are all too likely to just let scope creep happen without a word. Why? Are they so wrapped up in technical issues that they’re not paying attention? Are they perhaps simply too busy? Or, were the clients so aggressive or manipulative that consultants fear and avoid the tough conversations they need to have? Whatever the cause, the cure will always be the same: skillful, frequent communication with the client."

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Can Letting Clients "Have it Their Way" Be Your Worst Mistake?

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