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Submission + - The Billionaire 'Cat Lady' of Silicon Valley

theodp writes: In a weeklong series called TODAY Takes Action, NBC and The Today Show tackled what they called 'four important social issues' — fatherhood involvement, emergency preparedness, shelter pet adoption and hunger prevention. Partnering with NBC for anchor Natalie Morales' PSA on Pet Adoption was Maddie's Fund, the animal welfare foundation PeopleSoft and Workday founder Dave Duffield funded to the tune of $290+ million to fulfill a promise made to his beloved (deceased) miniature schnauzer Maddie. Duffield, whose PeopleSoft was sold to Oracle for $10.3 billion, told Forbes he hopes the success of recently-IPOed Workday will allow him to 'really smash this problem [saving shelter dogs and cats] to bits.' Towards that end, Maddie's Center is scheduled to open in 2014, with room for 375 cats and 125 dogs according to plans filed with the City of Pleasanton. Hey, had she pursued The Startup Life, the Simpsons' Eleanor Abernathy might have been able to make good on that 'cats in everyone's pants' pledge!
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The Billionaire 'Cat Lady' of Silicon Valley

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