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Submission + - Master the Advanced Features of Oracle 11g PL/SQL Using Packt's New Book (

SQLOracle writes: "Packt Publishers has released Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide for database professionals who are aspiring for Professional level certification by qualifying 1Z0-146 examination. The book is authored by Saurabh K. Gupta, who is accredited with Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Professional certification.

The OCP 1Z0-146 certification is the second milestone for the Associate level Oracle professionals. The journey from Associate to Professional level enhances your reliability and credibility with the Oracle technology, catalyzes your employability, and job effectiveness. The Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide helps you to master the advanced PL/SQL concepts in Oracle 11g. The topics covered and demonstrated are in line with the Oracle University prescription for Oracle Professional certification, which justify the version updates to be advanced and not complex. . Apart from focusing the certification preparation, the book contains ample demonstrations and best programming practices which can be employed in day to day assignments.

The focus of the book is on the syllabus coverage, content authenticity and adequate amount of familiarization with the real exam. The TOC in the book follows the same syllabus as prescribed for the 1Z0-146 exam by Oracle. All the advanced features like collections, securefiles, caching, profiling, are compilation are fairly explained with the help of figures, demos and examples. The book has been reviewed by ACE Director Kamran Agayev, ACE Ronald Rood, ACE Mohan Dutt and Marcel Hoefs. The book makes you learn that the features are advanced and not complex. Every chapter in the book wraps up with a short Practice Exercise for the readers to check their understanding and comfort level with the chapter concepts. The pattern of the exercise has been kept similar to that of the exam to closely touch the feel of the exam.

Book details are as below

ISBN(10): 1849687226
ISBN(13): 978-1-84968-722-5

The book is available at the Packt publishers website and all major book stores like Amazon, Lehamns, Safari Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Here is the chapter outline contained in the book.

Chapter 1: Overview of PL/SQL Programming Concepts
Chapter 2: Designing PL/SQL Code
Chapter 3: Using Collections
Chapter 4: Using Advanced Interface Methods
Chapter 5: Implementing VPD with Fine Grained Access Control
Chapter 6: Working with Large Objects
Chapter 7: Using SecureFile LOBs
Chapter 8: Compiling and Tuning to Improve Performance
Chapter 9: Caching to Improve Performance
Chapter 10: Analyzing PL/SQL Code
Chapter 11: Profiling and Tracing PL/SQL Code
Chapter 12: Safeguarding PL/SQL Code against SQL Injection Attacks

About the Author:

Saurabh K. Gupta works as Principal Technologist at Oracle. He is the author of Packt's "Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Professional Guide" [ISBN 1849687226]. He has been synchronizing his on job and off job interests with Oracle databases since last six years. His areas of expertise are Database architecture, PL/SQL development, Performance Tuning, and High Availability.

He has the OCP 11g Advanced PL/SQL certification to his belt. He has been an active Oracle blogger and OTN forum member. He has published more than 70 articles on online forums and journals. His work can be seen in RMOUG journal, PSOUG, dbanotes, Exforsys, and Club Oracle. He shares his technical experience through his blog

Reach out to him through his blog or twitter (@SAURABHKG) to get in touch with him."

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Master the Advanced Features of Oracle 11g PL/SQL Using Packt's New Book

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