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Submission + - Mars Astronauts will drink a lot of pee (

Andy Prough writes: Thanks to ambitions of humans going to Mars one day, technology that turns wastewater into drinking water is improving. Conserving water all the way to Mars and back will be vital, and so NASA is working overtime to make pee-drinking far more efficient. NASA's “first generation forward osmosis secondary treatment system” is being tested at Johnson Space Center in Houston, and pee-drinking technology is currently in use onboard the Space Station and at NASA’s Sustainability Base in Silicon Valley. The systems recover more than 95% of water from wastewater, which includes other water sources such as laundry water.

Don't be surprised to see Wall Street investing in pee soon. Not only is pee being churned into a tasty beverage to parch an interplanetary thirst, but yesterday one company announced that they are developing a pee-powered fuel cell for our soldiers to charge their smartphones on the battlefield.

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Mars Astronauts will drink a lot of pee

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