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Submission + - Google Play Gives User Data to App Developers (

Trailrunner7 writes: Android application developer Dan Nolan claims that the Google Play store sends software developers the names, approximated locations, and email addresses of every individual that downloads one of their applications.

Nolan created a “Paul Keating Insult Generator” application that is apparently quite popular in Australia. Nolan claims he recently logged into his Google Play account to update his payment options. When he visited the merchant account section, he noticed that Google Play was sending him the email address, approximate location, and, in some cases, full names of every person that downloaded his application.

Google Play orders, Nolan explains, are being treated like Google Wallet transactions, meaning that software developers are receiving all the same information about application orders – with the exception of exact addresses — that merchants would receive about people ordering actual merchandise.

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Google Play Gives User Data to App Developers

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