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Submission + - Fedora 19 Releasing on June 25, Fedora 16 Reaches EOL (

An anonymous reader writes: Fedora developers have announced the release date for the upcoming Fedora 19 – it’s June 25. Up until a few days back the developers had refrained from declaring a specific date for release and were indicating a summer release,probably May, for the Fedora 18 successor. With June 25 as the release date, developers would have some breathing space following the Fedora 18 delays. Developers have been discussing the feature set of Fedora 19 lately and it has already been decided that MariaDB will be replacing MySQL in the latest version of the operating system. Further Policy Kit will solely be responsible for privilege escalation in several use cases as a result of this change, usermode / consolehelper, which used to handle such tasks, will be retired. Fedora 16 has officially reached its end of life at the start of this week. Rather than the usual 13 months period, Fedora 16 was maintained for 16 months.
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Fedora 19 Releasing on June 25, Fedora 16 Reaches EOL

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