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Submission + - Elon Musk Releases Logs to Rebut NYT Reporter's story on Tesla S. (

GodInHell writes: On February 8, 2013 the New York Times ran a story by John Broder reviewing the Tesla S and the "Supercharger" stations that Tesla Motors is setting up along the East Coast. In that article (previously slashdotted here) Broder said that he tried to preserve the battery life of the vehicle: "I turned the climate control to low — the temperature was still in the 30s — and planted myself in the far right lane with the cruise control set at 54 miles per hour (the speed limit is 65)" and later "as I limped along at about 45 miles per hour I saw increasingly dire dashboard warnings to recharge immediately." Elon Musk took to twitter to rebut the claims made in that story, alleging that he had data logs showing that Broder made a number of false claims in his report. Broder responded yesterday, challenging Musk to prove his claims. Today Musk delivered, posting a number of graphs using data from Broder's trip which, if accurate, directly contradict Broder's story.
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Elon Musk Releases Logs to Rebut NYT Reporter's story on Tesla S.

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