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Submission + - Mobile App Market to Hit $16.5 Billion in 2013

krenerr writes: "For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, 2013 may be the year to develop apps for mobile devices and smartphones. UK based research company, Wireless Expertise suggests that the burgeoning smart phone market which will continue to rise dramatically in the coming year. Smartphone sales will rise from a meager 165.2 million in 2009 to an estimated $16.5 billion this year.

The mobile application market will also see an impressive increase, and it will open greater opportunities for the industry. With exponential growth predicted, App Stores are becoming more profitable than ever. Even Apple is feeling the competition as other big companies begin to infiltrate the market. Estimates are that companies such as Blackberry (formally Research In Motion), Symbian, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Nokia will all become very aggressive players in the app market this year. “We expect smartphone growth to have a positive impact on the number of application downloads in the short- to mid-term,” said Anuj Khanna, CEO of Wireless Expertise and author of the report.

As Google drives the market towards personalized, location-based search results geared for a mobile audience, app developers are rushing to meet the demand. Other mobile app development websites allow app-entrepreneurs to develop their own mobile apps cheaply for a monthly subscription fee. “We predict the emergence of independent mobile application stores which specialize in niche content such as games and location-based services,” says Khanna."
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Mobile App Market to Hit $16.5 Billion in 2013

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