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einar.petersen writes: "Another volley in the useless and obvious game of patenting the obvious.

Startup who had been running an indiegogo campaign reaching their goal of over $15,000 in pledges has had some rather unpleasant news.

They have received a patent complaint delivered to Indiegogo regarding patent #7870067 claiming they are infringing on the invention mentioned in the patent.

Here's a link to the patent in case you're interested:

It is Indiegogo's policy to freeze any campaign that receives a patent violation complaint for up to 10 days while the issue is resolved. If in 10 days no official lawsuit is filed them (CentUp Industries LLC) our campaign will be reinstated and will proceed as planned.

Funny thing, a similar system like this already exists in Europe where the jury is still out on Software Patents AFAIK...

IMHO this is getting absolutelt ridiculous... more and more scholars are recommending abolishing software patents and the trolls are taking more and more patents — Patenting making a small donation rather than a big one... For crying out.... this kind of stuff makes me sick...

Patents are holding back development in the IT business and instead of fostering creativity and progress they are grinding the industry to a halt.

The only winners are the patent litigation and patent defense laywers... noone else, the rest of us suffer delays, less competition. and eventually higher pricing of our goods...

Patent mathematical algorithms wich in essense software is — is complete bogus in my opinion....

What does the Slashdot crowd have to say about this one ?"

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Putting a stop to doing something for the social good!!!

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