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Submission + - Carpal Tunnel problem caused by left mouse button 3

lsatenstein writes: "I am a heavy user of the net, particularly slashdot and a few other blogging sites. Lately, with heavy mouse use, both with the laptop pad, and a physical mouse, I have severe carpal pains in my arm between the wrist and the elbow. It was so bad that I could not work for 3 days. I have tried everything from readjusting keyboard/mouse height to taking five minute breaks every half hour.

Is there a better mouse alternative that could relieve the forefinger from that overuse of the left mouse button? Could there be a floor button? or some other technique to stop repetitive action problems? Pain cam be compared to the most severe toothache."
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Carpal Tunnel problem caused by left mouse button

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  • I moved my mouse over to the left. I'm a righty, so it took a while - but now I figure I can get 20 years out of my left hand. :)

    • I did that too, but only at the very earliest hint of any pain so it never got bad. Now I switch back and forth as the mood strikes me. It is surprising how discombobulated other people get when they sit down at my desk and the mouse is on the left hand side.

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