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Submission + - Finnish journalists deliberate defecate in a bus - then write about it (

linjaaho writes: "The editor in chief of Finnish newspaper Ylioppilaslehti and her subeditor described in detail in the magazine’s 100th anniversary issue, what it feels like to defecate in your pants on a bus traveling from Helsinki to Turku.

After spreading in social media, all major newspapers grabbed the story and there has been lot of fuss on the trick and the quality of journalism in Finland. Even the chairman of Council for Mass Media in Finland commented the case in his Twitter account.

The bus company is considering action against the two journalists.
- It was obscene once and for all. Really tasteless trick and really tasteless writing, said bus company Vainio’s traffic's CEO Matti Vainio.

The concrete tone of the writing, there is no reason to doubt that the act had taken place. For the bus company, the damage is already done.

- This is extra work for us. And this certainly isn’t a cure for bus passenger comfort, the idea that someone has shit his pants on the seat, says Vainio."

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Finnish journalists deliberate defecate in a bus - then write about it

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