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Submission + - Evasi0n iOS Jailbreak Exploits Five Unique Zero-Day Bugs (

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: In the escalating chess match between Apple's security team and the jailbreakers who work to disassemble the restrictions on its devices, the exploit for every device ends up being more complex than the last. So it's no surprise that the latest, for iOS 6.1, has reached practically a grand master level of technological complexity.

David Wang, a developer for the hacker team that calls themselves the evad3rs has broken down the workings of the team's new iOS jailbreak, evasi0n, in an interview. He explains how the exploit chains together five distinct new bugs in iOS to escalate from a minor vulnerability in the device's mobile backup system into a series of tricks that defeat both the device's code-signing restrictions and its Address Space Layout Randomization to gain the ability to write persistent changes to the kernel. The step-by-step description of the process highlights just how much work and innovation went into evasi0n--and how hard Apple is working to raise the bar for jailbreakers.

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Evasi0n iOS Jailbreak Exploits Five Unique Zero-Day Bugs

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