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Submission + - Obama administrations mulls action against China for cyberattacks (

An anonymous reader writes: "The Obama administration is considering more assertive action against Beijing to combat a persistent cyber-espionage campaign it believes Chinese hackers are waging against U.S. companies and government agencies.
As The New York Times and Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that their computer systems had been infiltrated by China-based hackers, cybersecurity experts said the U.S. government is eyeing more pointed diplomatic and trade measures." Secretary of State Clinton says "We have to begin making it clear to the Chinese — they're not the only people hacking us or attempting to hack us — that the United States is going to have to take action to protect not only our government, but our private sector, from this kind of illegal intrusions." But at the same time, we don't want this to "become a very unwelcome and even dangerous tit-for-tat that could be a crescendo of consequences, here at home and around the world, that no one wants to see happen."

What do slashdot readers think the US should do to discourage the attacks but not escalate into all-out cyber war (or worse)?

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Obama administrations mulls action against China for cyberattacks

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