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Submission + - Will Ubuntu's 'rolling release' mean more bugs? (

colinneagle writes: According to Canonical’s Kernel Team Manager, Leann Ogasawara, it is possible that Ubuntu will get rid of the current "new release every six months" model and move to a rolling release. This sort of system allows the developers to get feedback from the community much earlier in the process, which can save a great deal of time "re-thinking the wheel" in the long-run. "Release early. Release often,” as the saying goes (a saying the Ubuntu Unity team is living by lately).

But there are definitely some dangers to having a system that delivers the latest and greatest versions of every package on an ongoing basis. Because these packages are being released to the public at a more rapid rate, that means less time for testing.

Even with larger, less frequent releases, major bugs can creep in at the last second before a launch. If you’ve been around the Linux world for a few years, you’ve seen this first-hand. Just do a quick Google search for "ubuntu update breaks X11," and you’ll see what I mean. This isn’t, in any way, a knock against the Ubuntu team (who do an absolutely stellar job). It’s just the reality of the software world. Bugs happen.

But the more often you release, the more chances there are for bugs to be released.

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Will Ubuntu's 'rolling release' mean more bugs?

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