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Submission + - President Obama: Install solar panels on top of the White House (change.org) 3

An anonymous reader writes: As I slowly progress towards adulthood I begin to realize that the future past generations have left for me is ominous. I’m a 18 year old kid and I’m scared. The outlook for this planet is not as it should be and it’s because of our dirty addiction to fossil fuels. I'm not going to try and educate anyone on the facts because chances are; if you're on this website, you already know. Plain and simple we can't keep relying on dirty energy the way we have been. I've started a petition asking President Obama to stick to the promise he made in 2010; place solar panels on top of the White House. Obviously, a few extra panels won't make much of a difference in this climate war, but the implications such an action would have on the direction of this nations energy future would be great. Please sign the petition asking President Obama to establish the White House as a beacon of sustainability by installing solar panels on its roof. Thank you. Link to the petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-install-solar-panels-on-top-of-the-white-house
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President Obama: Install solar panels on top of the White House

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