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Submission + - Halo4 Xbox update Microsoft disables controllers (

Stonefish writes: I have two xboxes, 5 controllers and recently purchased Halo4 for my childs birthday present, unfortunately Microsoft forces you to update the xbox firmware to play Halo4 so this was done. Afterwards I noticed that one of the MS controllers stopped working with this xbox however it still worked with the other xbox. Later the other xbox was updated with the new firmware and another controller, plus the one from the first xbox stopped working (now only 3 controllers work). I tried contracted xbox support and after a lot of being bounced around (wouldn't allow me to escallate) they finally gave me a references number of 1193769642 and told me to download the latest firmware and apply that to the xbox. I haven't done this because they said that they were unaware of any problem and I think there is a risk that the other controllers will stop working. The serial number on the controllers that stopped is the same x801769-707 75580276592599. Someone posted a URL demonstrating the same problem so it doesn't appear to be an isolated incident. I also found out that MS included functionality in the update to block third party controllers however my controllers areMS branded. I only noticed this because I have two xboxes, has anyone else been bent over by microsofts mission to stop third party controller and assumed that the controller died?
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Halo4 Xbox update Microsoft disables controllers

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