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Submission + - California Bill 2013 AB 174 Would Confiscate Legally Registered Firearms (

drnb writes: California’s Assault Weapons ban of 1989 allowed those who owned covered firearms the opportunity to register those firearms and keep them. It now seems that some in the California legislature wish to revoke this registration and render these firearms illegal. The recently introduced AB 174 would force current owners to render their formerly legal and registered firearms inoperable, surrender them or remove them from California.

The California Legislative Councel's Digest says:
AB 174, as introduced, Bonta. Weapons: grandfather clauses.
Existing law prohibits the possession of various weapons. Under existing law, certain of these bans exempted from their scope weapons that were possessed prior to the ban, if prescribed conditions met, are authorized.
This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to subsequently amend this bill to include provisions that would end all of those exemptions.

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California Bill 2013 AB 174 Would Confiscate Legally Registered Firearms

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