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Submission + - Fedora proposal to support FreeBSD kernel and Cinnamon by default (fedoraproject.org)

An anonymous reader writes: Following the controversial changes pushed by the Red Hat backed Gnome Foundation and the systemd project on Fedora, some members of the community decided to rebel against it by proposing 2 changes to bring back the stability and productivity to users. The first one is about using Cinnamon by default, a Gnome 3 fork aiming at providing a more productive desktop environment, based on the Gnome stack. Cinnamon is already offered by Mint, one of of the most used and popular Linux desktop distribution and is present since Fedora 17 as a option. But the 2nd proposal is much more controversial. based on the rise of Debian, Gentoo or Arch Linux port on Freebsd, a group of developers propose to port the user space of Fedora to FreeBSD, and offer FreeBSD kernel as a option, citing features like ZFS as a justification. Of course, this also bring into questions the limitation of systemd and many others tools.
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Fedora proposal to support FreeBSD kernel and Cinnamon by default

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