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jjp9999 writes: Henk Rogers, the publisher who brought Tetris to the world, and who created Japan's first RPG, Black Onyx, has another trick up his sleeve. Facing with controversy around whether video games are a source of real-world violence, Rogers is working out the concepts for a new type of game he belies can foster peace, solve real-world conflicts, and help people overcome social differences. To do this, he is looking at what brings people closer together, and what pushes people apart; and he believes that the key to creating such a project will be eliminating isolation in an online world. “Society, even though we are pushing seven or eight billion people in the world, we’re a society that isolates people, and I think that’s kind of creepy,” Rogers told The Epoch Times. “Let’s just put the isolated people together and let them be friends. Technology exists to do that, but somehow, technologically we haven’t done that.”
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Henk Rogers Looks to Social Games for World Peace

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