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Submission + - Twitter reveals how Higgs gossip reached fever-pitch (

CelestialScience writes: "Do you long to relive the heady days last July, when the Higgs boson was rumoured to be announced — and then finally was? Now you can — via the first analysis of Twitter conversations that occurred before, during and after the seminal announcement. of the University of Birmingham, UK and colleagues, who study the relationships between social and geographic networks, saw the Higgs announcemen as a unique opportunity to gather data. "The traffic — amounting to more than 1 million tweets — provides a neat reflection of real-world excitement, starting with rumours of the elusive particle, and eventually erupting into a buzz of Higgsteria with global reach," writes New Scientist, which also provides a video of the spread of the gossip. The data might even help marketers predict how news about their products will spread."
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Twitter reveals how Higgs gossip reached fever-pitch

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