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Submission + - Meetings and taking notes!

HTMLChecker writes: Hi Slashdoters,

After reading the following blog entry:


and this reply from Scott Berkun:


Made me think about the notes we take, and the way we use them. I still like
to use a paper notebook to take my notes from meetings, and general ideas when
i am around, and i like this methof, and works fine for me.

I feel that, for me of course, this work best, as i often then go back through
the notes and take out the ones more important and move them to the digital
format. Where it fails, i will accept that, is that when i want to search
something and of course i will need to flip pages back and fourth until i find
what i want.

Now in this modern days, with all kind of devices that in one way and the
other allow people to take notes, i start wondering:

1. what most people use for personal note taking?
2. your meetings, what is used for note taking? laptop? paper notebook?

And most important, like in the first blog, in which side of the field do you
stand? Digital only? Mix of digital and paper? Or paper only?

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Meetings and taking notes!

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