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Submission + - Ortiz Had 'JSTOR for Life' While Prosecuting Swarz 1

theodp writes: Two days before Aaron Swarz committed suicide while under fire by the office of U.S. District Attorney Carmen Ortiz for downloading JSTOR PDFs, JSTOR reminded folks that graduates of select universities had been provided with free access to JSTOR PDFs for the past three years under the Access for Alumni program. So, because she's a grad of George Washington University, it would appear that Ms. Ortiz ironically had a very nice perk available to her while prosecuting Mr. Swarz — JSTOR for Life — and wouldn't have to worry about being faced with the threat of '35 years in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, restitution, forfeiture and a fine of up to $1 million,' since she was entitled to freely access JSTOR documents that college dropouts like Aaron Swarz could be prosecuted for downloading. Still, U.S. Attorney Ortiz issued a statement late Wednesday insisting that 'this office's conduct was appropriate in bringing and handling this case.' As the WSJ notes, philanthropic funding of nonprofits (like JSTOR) doesn't have a great track record for eliminating inequity.
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Ortiz Had 'JSTOR for Life' While Prosecuting Swarz

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