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Submission + - U.S. Demand For Megaupload Server Data Denied By Canadian Court (

casac8 writes: A Canadian court last week denied a request by the U.S. government for Megaupload to turn over mirrored copies of 32 computer servers to American authorities, stating that the request was too broad and its scope needed to be pared down if the court is to grant a warrant to obtain the mirror images.

The decision to deny the request is being viewed as a major setback in the U.S. government's global attempt to take down, as Canada is one of nine nations where search warrants were issued in pursuit of materials relevant to the case, which also saw arrests of leading Megaupload figures in New Zealand.

The request for a search warrant to obtain the mirrored server images was issued by the attorney general of Canada on behalf of the United States, and it was aimed at the entirety of the servers, which the court said amounts to the equivalent of 100 laptop computers.

That was a sticking point for Ontario Superior Court Justice Gladys Pardu, who denied the request, and asked that the request be made more specific as required under her interpretation of relevant Canadian law.

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U.S. Demand For Megaupload Server Data Denied By Canadian Court

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