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InspectorGadget1964 writes: A security check on a US company has reportedly revealed one of its staff was outsourcing his work to China.

The software developer, in his 40s, is thought to have spent his workdays surfing the web, watching cat videos on YouTube and browsing Reddit and eBay.

He reportedly paid just a fifth of his six-figure salary to a company based in Shenyang to do his job.

Operator Verizon says the scam came to light after the US firm asked it for an audit, suspecting a security breach.

According to Andrew Valentine, of Verizon, the infrastructure company requested the operator's risk team last year to investigate some anomalous activity on its virtual private network (VPN) logs.

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US employee 'outsourced job to China'

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  • If it's OK for an employer to outsource, why not an employee?

    He contracted with the employer to produce the requested work. The requested work was produced and he handed it over to them. Presumably, he did proofreading, translation, corrections, etc to bring it to the expected quality for a native English speaker.

    Or, to turn it around, if this is a scam, why isn't offshoring in general a scam? Especially when a company has all the work done offshore, glues a sticker on in the U.S. and claims "Made in U.S.A.

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