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Submission + - Death of eReaders Put on Hold as Kobo Doubles Sales (ibtimes.co.uk)

DavidGilbert99 writes: "Towards the end of 2012, a research firm called iSuppli heralded the death of ereaders, claiming sales had peaked in 2011 and would drop by two-thirds by 2015-16.

However one ereader company seems to be bucking that trend with Canada-based Kobo announcing a doubling of device sales in 2012. It should be noted however that theses sales do include the Kobo Arc tablet along with its range of ereader devices.

Whether or not the ereader is doomed int eh long or short term is up for debate, but what seems clear is that Kobo is the company making the most of things when the going is good."

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Death of eReaders Put on Hold as Kobo Doubles Sales

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