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Submission + - A tiny C++ library for POSIX systems ( 2

c1oud writes: "OnPosix is a tiny library to abstract POSIX mechanisms to C++ developers.

Most features offered by this library can be found either inside the Boost library or in a library compliant with the C++11 standard. Unfortunately, however, for some embedded Linux devices, these libraries cannot represent viable solutions, due to the lack of memory space (for the Boost libraries) and the lack of a new C++ compiler (e.g., on Xilinx MicroBlaze). On these platforms, the OnPosix library represents a good and cheap solution to have object-oriented POSIX mechanisms.

The library offers support for threads, mutual exclusion, sockets, logging, timing, etc.

The library is licensed under version 2 of the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (LGPL)."

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A tiny C++ library for POSIX systems

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