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Submission + - Choose your own adventure: IT Job Titles ( 4

lukej writes: A few years back, the somewhat un-managed and arbitrary nature of IT job titles was covered here on Slashdot (I suspect not much has changed since then.) However, I am now in the unique position of my Director asking for my opinion on a new job title. Being generous, he wants to to help me assure that HR properly classifies and compensates me, as well as a nod to my resume/CV and potential future employment.

So, beyond my personal situation, has IT made any progress on standardized or uniform job titles (and associated compensation)? A couple of quick searches yielded some mediocre results.

There are several journalistic articles out there about 'best paying job titles' ... but I'm simply not a Business Continuity Analyst or a Senior Design Architect. In reality, I manage the Systems Administrators and Network Engineers of a small IT department. As such, my current inclination is the boring, and nondescript option of "IT Systems Manager". Any suggestions for something better?

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Choose your own adventure: IT Job Titles

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  • Also, as bit of a corollary to my question...
    I found it kind of interesting that most IT titles were composed out of a set of about ~30 total words/options.
    It seemed like they could be juggled fairly interchangeably in their role as a prefix, root, or suffix.

    The ad hoc list I eventually compiled was (in no order):
    Network Server Database HelpDesk Programmer Software Support Security System Web Telecommunications IT/IS Operations Systems Administrator Architect Engineer Technician Analyst Specialist Desi
    • You missed "Application". We have a handful of Application Administrators, at least.

      There's probably also going to be a difference between your title, and your position. HR says that my job classification is some variant of "Systems Analyst", but my boss, coworkers, and business cards all know I'm a "Systems Administrator". (Systems, not System - I work on more than one.)

      This typically complicated document [] may show insight into how some shops decide who gets called what.

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