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Submission + - Did Apple slash iPhone display orders due to improving yields? (

colinneagle writes: There's been a whole lot of discussion surrounding the Wall Street Journal's initial story claiming that Apple cut its order of iPhone 5 components in half. One of the more interesting threads is that Apple's iPhone 5 display orders were scaled back because yields are improving. So says JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, who labeled the WSJ's article as "more noise" meant to spook investors.

"In our view, the potential order cuts are a direct result of manufacturing yields improving following the fast-and-furious product roll-outs of the iPhone 5 as well as new iPads and Macs," Moskowitz explained in a note to investors.

Furthermore, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu — who has a typically hit or miss track record with respect to Apple rumors — issued a note to investors today saying that Apple's iPhone 5 demand remains robust, this according to suppliers.

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Did Apple slash iPhone display orders due to improving yields?

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