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Submission + - Whitehouse Petition to breakup ISP monopolies. (

andrewcaveman writes: I'm the IT Manager for an global startup company. Finding reliable, well supported and fast service is almost impossible in the US. Even in major cities such as Boston, I can't keep T-1 phone service running without issues for more than 2 month before the last mile of Verizon copper causes some problem. This results in lost sales for our company. No matter what service I go through, I am still stuck at the mercy of Verizon since they own all the lines. There has not been any competitive innovations in with ISPs in over 10 years. Google fiber is the most promising, but I can't wait for it. With the government subsidies that have gone towars expanding communications in the past 5 years, why do we now have even less options? Why can't the government do what they suppose to do and break them up?
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Whitehouse Petition to breakup ISP monopolies.

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