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Submission + - "Miracle On The Hudson" Was Just Two Pilots Doing A Good Job (

longacre writes: It was 4 years ago today that US Airways Flight 1549 glided to a safe landing on the Hudson River after losing both of its engines. Were Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger (and his frequently forgotten first officer Jeff Skiles) heroes or were they just doing their job? From the article, "There’s little harm in celebrating the unlikely survival of 155 people, but terms like “hero” and “miracle” shouldn’t be thrown around lightly. A miracle describes an outcome that cannot be rationally explained. Everything that happened on the river that day can be rationally explained. And a hero, to me, describes a person who accepts a great personal sacrifice, up to and including injury or death, for the benefit of somebody else. I didn’t see heroics; I saw professional execution in the throes of an emergency."
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"Miracle On The Hudson" Was Just Two Pilots Doing A Good Job

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