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Submission + - Swedish School Makes Minecraft Lessons Compulsory (

SchrodingerZ writes: "The Viktor Rydberg school in Stockholm, Sweden, has announced that they have included Minecraft into the curriculum for their 13-year-old students. The program is not meant to teach children about math or language, but rather as a tool to inspire creativity in the classroom. ''They learn about city planning, environmental issues, getting things done, and even how to plan for the future,' Viktor Rydberg teacher Monica Ekman told English-language newspaper The Local. 'It's not any different from arts or woodcraft,' she added.'

Minecraft has been widely viewed as a tool to inspire at let people create their own cubic world. Whether it will hold up as part of a school curriculum will be an interesting test. This news also comes after the announcement for a free version of Minecraft set for the 'Raspberry Pi computer, itself an educational tool with enormous potential.'"

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Swedish School Makes Minecraft Lessons Compulsory

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