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Submission + - best webcam for vision impaired on linux 9

mynamestolen writes: Turns out both my mum and mum-in-law both in their nineties are now vision impaired. I connected a linux box to a widescreen tv with vga and and used a $10 usb webcam on the linux box. Unfortunately they couldn't quite read their magazines comfortabley holding the usb camera. Depth of view and resolution were the problem. I read it's all in the software, so maybe dedicated drivers and a good camera are the way to go. What do you geeks think?
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best webcam for vision impaired on linux

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  • I don't know how this submission system works, but this one of mine has been sitting around "pending" for a day. Hope to get some feedback.
  • I get that you're new around here, but spamming other articles because your submission isn't posting fast enough is a bad idea.

    Also, if you really want your submission to be posted, perhaps you should try spelling things correctly, capitalizing things correctly (and consistently), and overall writing a better article.

  • I don't understand. why are you using a webcam on your linux box? is it doing something worth filming? and why are your mum and mum-in-law were trying to read magazines that are holding the camera?
    How did you expect magazines to comfortably hold a camera?
    What the heck is going on in this summary?

    I don't think software will allow your magazines to hold the camera more comfortably while your mum reads it.
    I think you assume I know something you did not mention and is not obvious.

    Have they tried the optometrist

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