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pseudorand writes: Century Link only offers 1.5 MB to my home. Comcast has faster but reportedly unreliable service and wants to charge me hundreds to run copper to my home. Wireless broadband provides can't service my home without cutting down lots of trees. But in China, everyone's getting fiber (
in-china-must-have-fiber-optic-internet-connections). And I'm pretty sure the telco's have installed fiber to plenty of rural farmhouses to get their universal service funds, yet have no plans of offering my any serice. WTF capitalism!?!

I want fiber to my home, and I'm willing to pay to have it installed (possibly a significant sum). Can this be done? Are there telcos or other providers that will quote you a price for such a thing?
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Running fiber to my home

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  • by AaronLS ( 1804210 )

    You can actually get T1 in rural locations, or so I've read. I had no success, as they want you to be really specific about your requirements without knowing what those requirements will cost. It's kind of like ordering a car, not knowing what this package and that package will cost. It's not like they give you any pricing up front. It's all based on you giving requirements and them providing a quote. All I ever got out of them was that it was "cost prohibitive" despite the fact that they had no idea h

    • Although T1 probably pales in comparison to Fiber, my point is you probably would need to go through the same channels any company looking for business connections would go through. These being "enterprise" features, prepare to get raped on the price.

  • So I obviously worded the question poorly. I'm not in a rural area, I'm in the middle of Arvada, a suburb of Denver. My house was built in 1972, so I probably get poor service because Century Link is running DSL over 30+ year-old copper phone lines. What I'm pissed about is that they won't bother to upgrade my neighborhood.

    I've heard anecdotes about rural areas getting very good service because the telcos take Universal Service funds from the government and are therefore required to install server there and

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